The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

Vietnamese title: Con Tằm

English to Vietnamese. Translated 2014, first printed 2015, reprinted once since. Tre Publishing.

The sequel to Cuckoo. Silkworm was a fun book to do. By Silkworm, Galbraith had become one of my favourite authors to translate. (S)he left you all these little things in the text to look up and go “oooh aaah”. Working on it appealed to the magpie in me a great deal. 

According to this clip [from 47:20] (s)he even went to that tiny Café by Smithfield Market, London and made the other half order the full English breakfast to make sure Strike (the lead character) was eating the right breakfast items in the book. 

Silkworm also gave me a crash course in Jacobean revenge drama. Each chapter starts with an epigraph from an old play. For this, I read the synopsis of the play, studied the extract that contained the quote and thought about how it related to the chapter. I did all the epigraphs afterwards, which was a good way to reflect on the entire book.

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*Please note that these are not posted in the same order of appearing in the book.