And when the dust falls (Và Khi Tro Bụi by Đoàn Minh Phượng)

Vietnamese to English. Translated 2011, never printed as far as I know

This was intended as a “bridge” version for a German translation. I have inconveniently lost my file so there will be no extracts for your perusal.

Subtitles for Red Xam, a documentary by Lương Đình Dũng about the late Hà Thị Cầu, Vietnam’s most famous Xẩm singer

You can also purchase the DVD from her Facebook fanpage. Preview it on Youtube here.

She was such a character. I love her turn of phrase although there were bits where even the director had no idea what she was saying.

Soi (a Vietnamese website on visual arts and many other things)

I have done a fair bit of work for Soi. For my work, please input “Ho Nhu Mai” in the author line of the website search box. Like so.


I have also done a fair amount of interpretation, ranging from public sector in the UK (hospital, school, social service, prison, court etc… ) to an archaeological field trip in Hoi An with Boston University faculty and a Vietnamese artist in 2011.

Other others:

I have undertaken various private assignments both in interpretation and translation. These pieces are not showcased due to client confidentiality.