About me


 I love to translate. I started in 2009 and I have not been able to stop. I have translated mostly fiction and mostly from English to Vietnamese. I’d love to do more going the other way. 

I made this website to showcase some of my work and to get more work. I like work that is interesting. As this is a translator’s page, nearly all content is available in both languages. You can choose to read my thoughts on each of my translation projects in English or in Vietnamese. I would like to stress that in this instance, the Vietnamese is not strictly a translation of the English.

Thank you for dropping by. Feel free to have a nosey. Please get in touch if you have interesting work for me or just want to talk about translation, your favourite books or your own projects.

I do not take part or take sides in the debate on the translation scene in Vietnam. However, I’d love to discuss specific translation puzzles with you. 

By day, I work in an office.