A Little History


 A Little History of the World by EH Gombrich

Vietnamese title: Chuyện Nhỏ Trong Thế Giới Lớn

English to Vietnamese. Translated 2009, first printed

2010, reprinted twice since. Tri Thuc Publishing House and Phương Nam Book.

I recommended A Little History to a friend who was then at Phuong Nam Book. They bought the copyright and I became a book translator for the first time (Wahey!). 

The book has done much much better than I expected, thanks to this clip by Dưa Leo, who is probably Vietnam’s only stand-up comedian. (Thank you Dưa Leo. You are one of a kind. You promoted a stranger’s work for nothing). 


My mother signed the contract on my behalf. The Universe moved in mysterious ways and somehow her name turned up on the cover. She hated it and wanted you to know that it was not her idea at all (if you ever noticed the tiny translator’s name). 

This book (and the rest of my work) is dedicated to her. 

Click here for extracts. I no longer keep any English copies of the book so I can only post Vietnamese extracts.*

*Please note that these are not posted in the same order of appearing in the book.